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Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)

Cascade is a Light Weight, Flat , Responsive, Admin Dashboard template. It is complete set of modern standards and top notch design. Built on twitter bootstrap 3.0 with bunch of premium extended features, strong code structure underneath and handful of useful jquery plugins , all packed in one design. Months of research and years of experience all strived to make a wonderful theme with each and every useful feature for all types of applications.Performance of each module is highly optimized for different browsers and devices.

End user/client will be able to pick manually any color/styling on any element (header, main navigation, sidebar, widgets, boxes etc…) by their own choice as our template is built on LESS and that makes this template perfect for your next project. Your users/clients will simply love it.

All feature updates for free

One Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)Two Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)Three Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)five Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)Six Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)Seven Cascade Flat Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template (Admin Templates)


Cascade in 2 different versions

  • PHP Version
  • HTML Version


  1. Built on LESS for faster and more efficient coding.
  2. Built on Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  3. Unlimited Colorful Themes
  4. Menu available on leftside bar and top navbar
  5. Flexible navbar (Top, Bottom, Fixed)
  6. Full Width and Boxed Version
  7. Widgets on Right sidebar adds an extra feature
  8. Handful of Animations
  9. Flat , Clean and Responsive Admin Template
  10. Working chat Box
  11. Font Awesome Icons 4.0.3
  12. User friendly navigation through search box
  13. Retina Ready
  14. Unlimited hierarchy menu
  15. Error Pages
  16. Fully Documented
  17. Profiles with User activity and posts
  18. Enhanced Invoice, Mailbox and Pricing pages
  19. Bunch of jquery plugins
  20. Profile with Timeline, two types of recent feeds
  21. Clean Google and Vector Maps
  22. Data Tables with sorting and filtering
  23. Login,Signup,Lockscreens provided with full screen background
  24. Info Boxes with “color change” flexibility
  25. Calendar with drag, drop, click , selectable events
  26. Five different plugins for charts
  27. Live charts
  28. Form Wizard and Validations
  29. Multiple Form upload with drag & drop and upload progress
  30. Font Awesome Icons
  31. Gallery with filtering sorting with custom data tag
  32. Bunch of variations in bootstrap progressbars
  33. Notifications with two types of jquery plugins ( noty & gritter)
  34. Drag and drop, markable todo list widget


  • Dashboard
  • Cascade Layouts
    • Full Width Layout
    • Boxed Layout Page
    • Top Navbar
    • Bottom Navbar
    • Fixed Navbar
    • Menu On Left sideBar
    • Menu On Top Navbar
  • Pages
    • Calender
    • Chat
    • Profile Activity
    • Profile Posts
    • Gallery
    • Grids
    • Images
    • Inbox
    • Invoice
    • Pricing Table
    • Support
    • Typography
  • Utility Pages
    • 404 Error Page
    • 505 Error Page
    • FAQ
    • Lock Screen
    • Sign Up
    • Log In
    • Forgot Password
    • Basic Template
  • UI Elements
    • Alerts
    • Animations
    • Breadcrumbs & Jumbotron
    • Buttons
    • Carousel
    • Notifications
    • Knobs
    • Labels & Badges
    • List Groups
    • Pagination
    • Panels
    • Progress Bars
    • Sliders
    • Tabs & Accordions
    • Info Boxes
    • Tooltips & Popovers
    • Wells
  • Tables
    • Basic Tables
    • Dynamic Tables
    • Editable Tables
  • Forms
    • Dropzone File Upload
    • Form Input Masks
    • Form Validation
    • Form Wizard
    • Input Groups
    • Layouts & Elements
    • Multiple File Upload
    • Pickers
    • Wysiwyg & Markdown Editor
  • Charts
    • Basic Charts
    • Live charts
    • Morris Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Sparklines
    • NVD3
  • Maps
    • Google Maps
    • Vector Maps
  • Icons


Version 1.0

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